Story of How the Toad Got its Skin

All the birds in the jungle were very excited about the party in the sky. The animals were upset and jealous, as they could not fly up to the sky. But the toad had thought of a plan to join the sky party.

How the Toad Got its Skin

When the birds were about to leave, the toad sneaked into the vulture’s guitar and hid there. The birds arrive for the party and were both surprised and angry to see the toad!

When the party was over, the toad again quietly hopped inside vulture’s guitar. But this time. the vulture felt that his guitar had become heavier and shook it.

Down went the toad falling to the earth and broke into pieces. Later, the vulture took pity on the toad and stitched up its body into one piece.

Even today, one can see where the toad’s body was mended by a thread and a needle.