Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Once upon a time, a beautiful princess named Snow White was sent deep into the woods by an evil queen who was jealous of her beauty. She wandered around lost and afraid for days until she came upon a cottage in the woods with a group of little men playing outside.


The seven little men felt sorry for the lost girl and invited her to stay with them at their cottage. They went off to work every day and warned Snow White not to let anyone into the house while they were away.

Back at the castle, the jealous queen was making a plan to hurt Snow White. She would dress up as an old woman and give Snow White a poisoned apple to make her sleep forever.

The queen carried out her evil plan and Snow White fell into a deep sleep. But one day, a prince came upon Snow White asleep in the forest. He kissed her and broke the spell. They rode off to his kingdom, where they married and lived happily ever after.