Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow Story

Robin Hood was a legendary outlaw who lived in Sherwood forest with his band of followers. Robin was known for his bravery and his clever tactics, often outwitting his enemies with ease.

One day, Robin Hood and his men decided to participate in a contest held by the Sheriff of Nottingham. The contest was an archery competition where the winner would receive a golden arrow.

As expected, Robin Hood was the best archer in the land and won the first round of the competition with ease. However, the Sheriff of Nottingham was not pleased with this outcome and devised a plan to ensure Robin Hood wouldn’t win the final round.

Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow Story
Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow Story

On the day of the competition, Robin Hood was faced with a difficult shot, and as he was about to take it, the Sheriff’s men blocked his view. Robin was forced to rely on his hearing and instincts, and he shot the arrow straight and true, hitting the target in the center.

It wasn’t until later that Robin discovered the Sheriff had placed the target in a dangerous spot. The arrow had pierced the Sheriff’s clothes, and he was lucky to have escaped without injury.

Although the Sheriff insisted that Robin had broken the rules by shooting outside the designated area, the judges declared Robin Hood the winner of the competition as he had technically hit the target.

Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow

Robin Hood and his men took the golden arrow with them as a trophy of their victory. The Sheriff of Nottingham was left fuming, but he knew better than to cross Robin Hood again.

And so, the legend of Robin Hood and the golden arrow lives on to this day.


Robin Hood’s bravery and cunning have made him a beloved character in folklore, and the story of the golden arrow is just one of the many tales that showcase his skills as an archer and his determination to always come out on top.