Party Story of a Red Birdie

Red Birdie had just moved to Bird Land. He thought, “I shall invite everyone to a party. I will be able to make new friends then.”

Red Birdie's Party Story

So, he flew up and down the street and dropped an envelope in every letterbox of Bird Land.

Next morning, he decorated his house and baked a delicious cake and made cheese sandwiches.

He waited for his guests to arrive but no one came. He flew outside and saw many birds flying up and down the street with presents in their hands.

“Do you know Red Birdie’s house?” they asked him anxiously. Red Birdie laughed when he realized that he had put the numbers on his gate upside down.

His house number was 61 but the numbers on the gate said 91. Everyone had a good laugh. They had lots of fun and Red Birdie made many friends.