Mulla Nasrudin Story Collection 1

Mulla’s Girlfriend

The young lady’s hopes had been high for two years while Mulla Nasrudin remained silent on the question of marriage. Then one evening he said to her, “I had a most unusual dream last night. I dreamed that I asked to marry you. I wonder what that means.” “THAT MEANS,” said his girlfriend, “THAT YOU HAVE MORE SENSE ASLEEP THAN YOU HAVE AWAKE.”

Mulla and His Girlfriend’s Father

Mulla Nasrudin had been calling on his girlfriend for over a year. One evening the girl’s father stopped him as he was leaving and asked, “Look here, young man, you have been seeing my daughter for a year now, and I would like to know whether your intentions are honorable or dishonorable?” Nasrudin’s face lit up. “DO YOU MEAN TO SAY, SIR,” he said, “THAT I HAVE A CHOICE?” 

Mulla’s Safety

Mulla Nasrudin’s mother, worrying about her son’s safety, said to him: “Didn’t I say you should not let that girl come over to your room last night? You know how things like that worry me.” “But I didn’t invite her to my room,” said Nasrudin. “I went over to her room. NOW YOU CAN LET HER MOTHER DO THE WORRYING.”

Mulla’s Marriage Wit

“Well, young man, I understand you want to become my son-in-law,” said the father to his daughter’s boyfriend, Mulla Nasrudin. “NO, SIR, NOT EXACTLY,” replied Nasrudin. “BUT IF I MARRY YOUR DAUGHTER, I DON’T SEE HOW I CAN GET OUT OF IT.”

Mulla Talk with his Friend

Mulla Nasrudin was talking to a friend about his recently broken romance. “Do you mean,” asked the friend, “that at her request, you gave up drinking, and smoking, and gambling, and dancing, and playing pool?” “Yes, just because she insisted,” said the Mulla. “Then why didn’t you marry her?” the fellow asked. “WELL, AFTER ALL THAT REFORMING,” said Nasrudin, “I DECIDED I COULD DO BETTER.” 

Who is Idiot?

A girlfriend at a cocktail party said to Mulla Nasrudin, “I keep hearing you use the word ‘idiot;’ I hope you are not referring to me.” “DON’T BE SO CONCEITED,” said the Mulla. “AS IF THERE WERE NO OTHER IDIOTS IN THE WORLD!”

Mulla’s Fishing

Mulla Nasrudin sat fishing in a bucket of water. A visitor, wishing to be friendly, asked, “How many have you caught?” “YOU ARE THE NINTH,” said Nasrudin.

Mulla and Young Lady

The young lady became angry with her boyfriend, Mulla Nasrudin, and said, “You are a perfect dope!” “DON’T TRY FLATTERY,” said Nasrudin. “NONE OF US IS PERFECT!”