Mulla and a Girl Story

Mulla Nasrudin’s family was upset because the girl he was planning to marry was an atheist. “We’ll not have you marrying an atheist,” his mother said. “What can I do? I love her,” the young Nasrudin said.

“Well,” said his mother, “If she loves you, she will do anything you ask. You should talk religion to her. If you are persistent, you can win her over.”

Mull and a Girl Story
Mull and a Girl Story

Several weeks went by, then one morning at breakfast the young Mulla seemed absolutely brokenhearted. “What’s the matter?” his mother asked. “I thought you were making such good progress in your talks about religion to your young girlfriend.”

“That’s the trouble,” said Nasrudin. I over did it. Last night, she told me she was so convinced that she is going to study to be a nun.”