Mrs. Tittlemouse and Bumblebee

Mrs. Tittlemouse baked delicious cakes everyday. A bumblebee who lived nearby wanted to eat some cakes.

But Mrs. Tittlemouse disliked insects. If she ever spotted a spider weaving a web, she chased the spider out of her house with her broomstick. 

“How will i ever get to taste those delicious cakes?” wondered the bumblebee. 

One day, a caterpillar happened to sit on the window sill. “How dare you come here!” shouted Mrs. Tittlemouse. “I have hurt my leg!” said the caterpillar.

The bumblebee saw Mrs. Tittlemouse gently apply medicines to the caterpillar’s wound and then also offer it some cakes.

So, the next morning, the bumblebee buzzed near the window, complaining of a headache. 

Mrs. Tittlemouse and the Bumblebee

Alas! Mrs. Tittlemouse saw through his plan and chased him away!