Monster Under My Bed

Little Kate tucked herself into bed and was about to drift into sleep when she heard a loud noise. THUMP! THUMP!

Kate was petrified and she called out to her grandmother, “Grandma! There is a monster under my bed!” “That is just your naughty little heart, dearie,” said Grandma.

Kate tried to go back to sleep and just then, she heard THUMP! THUMP! SCRITCH! SCRITCH! 

“Grandma…!: she cried. “The monster is scratching his claws on the floor! Please save me!”

“There is no monster, Katie!” said Grandma. “It is just your toes rubbing on the quilt!”

When Katie tried to sleep once again, she felt something wet on her face! With lot of courage, she opened her eyes to see the monster.

“Granma!” cried out Katie, “this is no monster! It’s a sweet little puppy!” Katie and the puppy snuggled and slept soundly.

Monster Under My Bed