Mitty’s Wait Story

Mitty the puppy was bored. Milly the cat was in no mood to play. “Milly, please come out and play with me in the sun!” pleaded Mitty.

“Not today, Mitty. I can’t. I will just stay in this basket for a while. One of these days, i am going to give you a surprise but you must be patient for now”, said Milly the cat.

Mitty wandered alone for a few days. He would follow his mistress, while she cooked and cleaned. Finally, one day, he saw Milly lying in her basket with five tiny kittens! One white, two black, one grey and one with patches!

Mitty's Wait Story

Milly said, “Mitty, you have been so patient all these days. As a reward, i want you to name my five kittens!” Mitty was so happy and he sat there thinking for a while.

Guess what the names were?

Rolley, Polley, Dipsey, Doodle and Noodle!