Jack and Beanstalk Short Story

Jack and his mother were very poor. The mother sent Jack into town to sell the family cow. Jack traded the cow for a handful of beans. The old farmer told Jack they were magic beans.

When Jack returned, his mother was upset that he had done such a foolish thing. She threw the beans out of the window. The next morning, they were amazed to find an enormous beanstalk that went way up into the clouds!


Jack climbed the beanstalk and found an angry giant. Jack hid and waited until the giant was taking his nap. Then he grabbed a goose that could lay golden eggs. The giant woke up and chased him. Jack quickly climbed back down the beanstalk.

His mother was thrilled! The goose would make them rich! But they could hear  the giant’s thunderous footsteps as he climbed down the stalk. Jack grabbed an axe and chopped the stalk down. Jack and his mother lived happily ever after.