Gabby Duckling Turns Blue

Gabby, the little duckling, was very naughty. One day, Gabby sneaked out to go and play in the pond. He looked up at the sky and thought, “The sky is so blue. I must fly in the fluffy clouds.”

He dived in the air, did a little jig and a somersault. “Wow…the clouds are so soft!” said he as they tickled him while he flew.

Soon, it was dark but Gabby couldn’t find his way back home. He flew and flew until he lost all his strength and fell down into a big cauldron containing a strange blue liquid.

When Gabby finally returned home, his friends were stunned to see Gabby. His body had turned blue and his beak was white.

Gabby Duckling Turns Blue

Poor Gabby! No matter how much he washed himself in the pond, the color didn’t go and he is still blue.