Fox and a Donkey Story for Kid

In a village, a donkey was grazing on the bank of a lake. A fox came to the donkey and said, “My dear friend. Today night let us go to the paddy field nearby. The watchmen will be sleeping and we can eat rice.”

The donkey agreed to do so. That night both went into the paddy field. They ate enough rice. The donkey told the fox, “My dear friend, today i am able to eat good food with your help. Now i am full of joy. Moonlight is shining brightly. I wish to sing a song for you. Please listen to it and enjoy our feast.”

Fox and Donkey Story

The fox got frightened and said, “Foolish donkey. Please do not open your mouth. If you start singing, the watchmen will wake up and we will be caught by them and punished.”

The donkey did not hear the words of the fox. The donkey told the fox that it would sing songs certainly to celebrate the feast in the field. The fox understood the situation and told the donkey to wait until he hide in a nearby bush. Accordingly, the fox went into a bush nearby and hid therein safely.

The donkey started singing in a mood of joy. The watchmen woke up and saw that the donkey has destroyed the field to some extent. They beat the donkey severely and tied a wooden plank in its neck. The donkey fainted and fell down.

After some time, the donkey recovered from the giddiness and the fox came out from the bush. The fox told the donkey that it sang very well and got the best prize in its neck from the watchmen. The donkey felt ashamed and moved from there quietly.

Moral: Know things by yourself. Or, at least hear the advices of good friends at times of need.