Story of Feast with Crane and Fox

Once upon a time there was a thick forest. It had beautiful big trees and a big stream. The stream ran through the forest and kept the forest green.  A crane lived in the stream. It used to catch the fishes and eat.

One day it met a fox. Fox requested if crane could give one fish to it. Crane gave a fish. Then each day the fox came and talked to the crane for a while. Crane will give a fish every day. They soon become good friends.

One day the crane asked, “You come to my place everyday. But you never invited me to your place.” Fox said “Oh My friend! I would love to have to you at my place. Please come to my place tomorrow. I will prepare a nice feast for you.” Crane was happy. It got up early next day and waited for the fox to take it to its house.

Fox came little late and said, “Oh My friend! I am sorry. I am late. I was making the feast and got delayed.” Fox took the crane to his house. He took a beautiful table cover and put it on the dinning table. Then it brought a bowl full of fish soup. The smell was so nice. The Crane was very hungry and said “Wow. This smells so good.”

Feast with Crane and Fox

Fox said, “Wait my friend. You sit in this chair. Let me serve you.” Fox brought out two plates and poured the soup. It gave one to crane and fox started to lick the soup fast. Crane was trying to drink the soup. But it couldn’t drink from the plate using its long beak. But the fox licked all his soup and finished the whole bowl of soup.

It said “What a feast. I am full”.  The crane felt insulted and decided to teach the fox a lesson.

Next day he invited the fox.  The crane prepared the fish fry. Fox didn’t eat the whole day and waiting for the feast. It was very hungry. Crane asked fox to sit and said “I will serve you my friend.” Crane brought out two long narrow necked glass jars and poured the soup and placed it in front of the fox. 

The crane ate easily through the jar. Fox tried to lick it. Its tongue didn’t reach the fishes. Its mouth didn’t go through the narrow neck of the jar. Neither its hand could go in. Fox just noticed that the crane finished all the fish fry.

Feast with Crane and Fox

Fox felt sorry that, “He went hungry yesterday just like I am today. I didn’t want to share my food even for a single day. I lost my friend who was sharing his food everyday.”

Fox apologized to crane and ran away. It was very ashamed. It never came back to see the crane.