Bunny Rabbit Runs a Race

One day, Bunny Rabbit asked his mother, “Mama, why did my great-great-great-grandfather lose the race against the tortoise? You know, everyone laughed at me when the teacher told us the story.” 

“Great-great-great-grandfather was very proud. That’s why he lost the race,” said Mama Rabbit.

“But i will race with Dozy Tortoise and defeat him. I will show him that only speed and swiftness win races.” “No!” said Mama Rabbit, but Bunny did not listen.

He went straight to Dozy and said “Dozy, i challenge you to a race tomorrow. We will start from here and finish the race at the bridge.”

The next morning, race began. Slimy Frog was the umpire. But to everyone’s great wonder, once again, Dozy Tortoise was the winner! He had put on roller skates!

Bunny Rabbit Runs a Race