Buddha and the Vain Pandit Story

During the time of Gautama Buddha, there lived a Brahmin pandit. He knew all four vedas namely Rig, Sama, Yajur and Atharva. This made him to feel proud of himself and he thought he had no parallel on earth. The people in that village went to him in large numbers, whenever they wanted to perform religious ceremonies. To them it gave a sort of pride to engage him, as there were no other men who could perform all those rituals the way he did.

One day Buddha visited that village and he was to give a sermon to the people. The local head who arranged for it engaged a drum beater to spread this news. Since the villagers heard lot about Buddha, they eagerly awaited his visit. On the appointed day, Buddha arrived and seated on the raised platform under the tree. All villagers sat in front of him on the ground.

That evening the Brahmin pandit arrived home and asked his neighbor to spend time with him. The neighbor said, he is busy and going to attend Buddha’s sermon. Brahmin pandit got angry and thought why these people think Buddha as a God after all he belonged to lower clan. He went back to his house and found his wife was getting ready to go out. “Where are you going? I had a tiring day and am hungry. I want an early dinner!” he said to his wife.

His wife said, “I want to attend Buddha’ sermon. I have told the servant boy to serve your food. You finish your dinner and go to bed.” This again angered the arrogant pandit. “Whenever i get a chance to meet Buddha, i will insult him like anything,” he told himself. The servant boy kept the food ready and waited for the pandit’s arrival. As soon as he came, the boy said that he kept all ready and he wanted to go to Buddha’s sermon. The pandit became wild, quickly finished his dinner and went to the sermon.

There was a big crowd. He pushed his way in and stood before Buddha. He looked at the crowd them turning to Buddha and abused him with filthy language. The crowd was stunned at his action and did not know what to do.

Buddha and Vain Pandit

But Buddha remained calm and allows the Brahmin pandit to speak as he liked. After the pandit finished scolding, Buddha asked him, “What will you do if a guest visited your home?” “What a senseless question is that?” asked the pandit and answered, “Of course, like any other i will server him food.” “Suppose your guest did not take the food, what will you do then”, Buddha asked again. “It is my own food. I will keep that for myself,” replied the Brahmin.

“Likewise, i am refusing to accept your harsh words. They will bounce back to you. So, take them all back!!!” said Buddha. On hearing this befitting reply, the crowd cheered and the Brahmin pandit felt ashamed.

Moral: Jealous and insulting others will result in self-shame.