Boon from Kali Matha – Tenali Raman Kid Story

Tenali Rama became a headache for his mother from his childhood. Despite of his mother’s advices, he continued to disclose his childish activities as jokes. At that time his activities would hurt the persons on whom he played his jokes.

He grew up and his mother got him married to a lady named Kamala, thinking his activities on others would decrease. Unfortunately, even after marriage his jocular activities did not reduce. His mother felt very unhappy.

One day a sage came to their town. After his arrival, the town experienced a good shower of rains. People thought that the town experienced rain only due to the arrival the sage. But, Tenali Rama told people, that the rain was not due to the power of sage. He said to himself that it was only a coincidence.

The sage did not feel anything about the words of Tenali Rama. The sage was very thirst. Rama understood this and brought him water. The sage saw some extra power was concealed in Rama’s mind. He wanted to help him in a special manner.

Sage Thinks About Tenali Rama

The sage told Rama, that he would impart manthra of god Kali. If he chant that manthra 1008 times, god Kali would appear before him, he could get boons from her and became a great man. Rama with bowed head received the manthras of Kali and thanked the sage. Then the sage went away from the town.

Sage Talks with Tenali Rama

Rama waited till that night. At night, he went to the nearby Kali temple and chanted the manthras 1008 times with utmost care. God Kali appeared before him with 1000 faces, four hands, with bow, sword, spear and javelin thereon. Her face was ferocious and tongue was hanging out of her mouth with blood.

On seeing the appearance of Kali, Rama did not fear instead he started laughing. Kali astonished and asked the reason for his laugh. Rama replied, “Matha, please excuse me for laughing. We the people, find both our hands insufficient when affected with cold in cleaning the mucus. You have 1000 heads and 1000 noses. If you got cold in all your noses, how will you clear off the mucus with only four hands. I thought about this and could not able to control the laugh.”

Boon from Kali Tenali Rama Story

Kali Matha thought a while on this and she also could not control her laugh. She appreciated Rama and blessed his to the effect that he would become a great Vikatakavi, as Rama has that capacity within himself. Kali disappeared and Rama was happy to have the title Vikatakavi. His mother died in due course. Later, Rama observed that he had a new strength in his mind and met the king Krishnadevaraya and get his appreciation.