Belling the Cat

One day all the mice came together to talk about the cat. “We must think of a plan to get away from it,” said one old mouse. “It has eaten too many of us. So, what shall we do?”

At last, one proud young mouse stood up. “You know my brothers,” said the young mouse, “the cat moves very quietly. We do not hear it quick enough to escape. Let’s tie a bell around the cat’s neck. Then we can hear it coming and run away.”

“Yeah!” shouted all the mice. “Our smart young friend has enough thought of an excellent plan!” Let’s go and buy a bell.”

Belling the Cat

But just then an old mouse spoke. “Wait a minute,” said the wise old mouse. “Your plan is very good. But who will tie the bell on the cat?” Then each mouse looked at another and they all said, “Right – who?”

Moral: It is easy to suggest difficult things, but it is hard to do them.