Barbolito’s Bad Day at School

Barbolito was short and had curly hair. The other boys in his class always jeered at him. One day, his mother saw him crying, “What is the matter, Barbolito?” she asked.

“All the boys make fun of me because i look different,” explained Barbolito. “They are foolish boys,” said his mother, “I will speak to your teacher about this.”

The next day, when Barbolito went to school his teacher called him aside and said, “You should not cry because people say mean things. Why don’t you talk about all the exciting things you do, like scuba diving and chess. This way the children will get to know you better and will also discover how special you are.”

Borbolito's Bad Day at School

Barbolito took his teacher’s advise and from that day on, he had may friends.