Audrey’s Adventure

It was getting dark, and Audrey had to return home from her aunt’s house. She put on her coat and said goodbye. Audrey’s house was just a ten minute walk from her aunt’s. As she walked, Audrey started humming.

There were five days left for her birthday. She was busy thinking about what she would do when suddenly, she bumped into a tree. It was quite dark.

She looked around and didn’t know where she was. She had lost her way. “Oh!!!” she wailed, “I don’t know where i am.” She sat under a tree and started sobbing.

Suddenly, she felt a dog licking her face. “Oh Buddy,” I am glad you found me. Just then, her father appeared with a torch and picked her up in his arms. “Audrey, you must come home before it’s dark!”

Audrey's Adventure

Audrey wiped her tears and gave her dad a big hug.