Arnie’s Caterpillar Friend

One afternoon, when Arnie was flying a kite, he felt something crawl on his left foot. It was a small caterpillar and just as he was about to shake it off, a faint voice called out, “Arnie, Arnie.”

The caterpillar was actually trying to talk to him! The tiny caterpillar said, “Please don’t be rude to me, Arnie.” So, he picked up the little caterpillar and put him on his palm.

Arnie's Caterpillar Friend

“Oh, thank you! All my friends have turned into beautiful butterflies and gone away. Will you be my friend, Arnie?” said the caterpillar.

Arnie felt sorry for the lonely caterpillar and agreed to be his friend. He kept the caterpillar in a glass jar in his room until he became a butterfly and they both played in the meadow.