An Owl, Bat and a Dove

Once on a stormy night, a dove and a bat asked an owl for shelter. The owl lived in a hollow tree and unwillingly let the two animals enter his house.

An Owl, Bat and a Dove

He was quite selfish and vain and did not like to share his food with anyone either. The bat was very sly. He knew that if he praised the owl, the owl would be happy and he would get a good share of the food in return.

So the bat flattered the owl and the owl was very pleased. He said, “Here my dear friend, help yourself to more food”

But the dove did not like to flatter others and remained silent. The owl love flattery and was angry with the dove for keeping quiet.

He threw the dove out of the house. By now, the storm was almost over and the dove flew away to meet her family.