Alibaba And Forty Thieves Story for Kids

Long ago, there were two brothers living in a small town of Persia. The elder was Kasim by name and the younger was Alibaba. Kasim got married to a rich girl and became a wealthy man. Alibaba was a woodcutter and married to a poor girl. He used to make money by cutting and selling the trees from forest.

One day, Alibaba went to the woods with his donkey to cut trees. When he was cutting a tree, he heard the sound of horses.

Alibaba Cutting Trees

He climbed up a tree and saw several thieves were riding on the horses. They were carrying huge bags.

Thieves Carrying Gold Bags

They reached a big rock and got down from the horses nearer to the rock. The captain of them went near to the rock and shouted, “Open Sesame”. Alibaba, who was watching everything from the tree was surprised to see the rock got opening and a cave inside the rock. All thieves entered the cave and then the rock closed itself.

Cave Door Opens

After some time the rock opened again and the thieves came out. But they didn’t have any bags with them. The captain again shouted, “Close Sesame” and the door got closed. After all the thieves rode away on the horses, Alibaba came down from the tree. He went near to the rock and shouted, “Open Sesame”. Immediately the rock door got opened. Alibaba went inside the cave and baffled to look at the things there. There were enormous gold and silver coins, diamonds, gems, jewels and such other several glittering ornaments. He took the gold and silver coins and filled his pockets with them.

Alibaba Took Gold

Then he came out of the cave and shouted, “Close Sesame”. The rock door immediately got closed. Alibaba was very happy about his lucky day. He went back home and shown the gold and silver coins to his wife. They wanted to weigh the gold and silver coins. But they had no balance or some other instrument to weigh down.

Alibaba and His Wife with Gold Coins

Alibaba’s wife went to Kasim’s house and asked his wife to lend her the weighing machine. Kasim’s wife wanted to know what they are going to measure and cunningly fixed some wax under the balance and lent it to Alibaba’s wife. That night, Alibaba and his wife measured the gold and silver coins. After that they dig a pit and hide all those coins. Next morning, Alibaba’s wife returned the balance to Kasim’s wife. After Alibaba’s wife went away, Kasim’s wife looked under the balance a gold coin fixed to the wax.

She showed it to Kasim and said, “How wicked your brother is! He tells that he don’t even have food but he has enormous gold coins so as to be weighed”. She also said, “You must enquire your brother how he got that much of wealth”.

Kasim Found Gold Coin

Kasim met Alibaba and enquired about his unexpected luck. Though Alibaba refused to tell in the beginning, Kasim’s compulsion made him to tell all the story about the magic cave.

Then Kasim went to his house and told what happened to his wife. As he was so greedy, he went to the cave with ten donkeys to grab more gold coins. He stood in front of the door and shouted, “Open Sesame” and the rock door got opened. He entered the cave and started filling his sacks with gold and diamond.

Kasim Taking Gold

The door got closed automatically. After a while, he came to the door and said, “Door! Please open”. But the door didn’t open. Kasim forget the magic words “Open Sesame” and start shouting “Open…Open…”. But nothing happened an Kasim was trapped inside the cave.

He heard the sound of hooves of the horses came from outside the cave. He realized that the theives are coming to the cave and hid behind a big box. The thieves saw the donkeys outside the cave and understood someone was there inside the cave. They came inside the cave to find the jewels were scattered on the ground. They started tracking the coins leaked from the bag and found it was going behind a big box where Kasim was hiding.

They caught Kasim and brought him to the leader. He ordered them to cut Kasim’s head and leave his body in the cave. So that it will be a lesson for anyone who enters the cave.

Thieves Kill Kasim

Kasim’s wife was eagerly awaiting that he would come with treasure. As Kasim did not return for long time, she went to Alibaba’s house and explained that Kasim went to the cave but not returned.

Alibaba went to the cave and found his brother was cut into pieces. He returned home and sadly informed Kasim’s wife about his death. She was bewailing on her husband’s ill-death.

Alibaba was worrying on Kasim’s wife. So, he called Margiana who was the maid servant of Kasim and told her everything what had happened. He requested Margiana to make Kasim’s wife calm and told her otherwise thieves would find and kill all of us. Margiana went to the tailor’s house and convinced him to stitch Kasim’s dead body. She closed his eyes tying with cloth and brought him to Kasim’s house.

The tailor stitched Kasim’s body and the next day the body was burried. The thieves got shocked to see Kasim’s dead body was missing from the cave. The leader sent one of his men to city to find the truth.

The man dressed as a busineesman and found the tailor was spending too much of money unnecessarily. He threatened the tailor to kill if he is not telling the truth. Being afraid, the tailor showed Kasim’s house to the thieve. The thieve put a mark on the house door for identification and rushed to his leader for telling the finding.

Next day morning, Margiana noticed the identification mark on the door. She understood that the thieves had identified Kasim’s house. She put similar mark on all the houses of the street in order to confuse the thieves.

Mark on Door

But the leader of the thieve found Kasim’s house. He dressed as a oil merchant and came with many donkeys, each bearing two oil barrels. But only one of the donkeys had the oil in the two barrels. The thieves were hiding in other barrels waiting for the order of the leader.

Thieves in Oil Barrels

Alibaba, without knowing the conspiracy of the thieves, invited the leader to offer a feast. Margiana was engaged in preparing the food. She found there was no oil for cooking and so she opened onf of the barrels to take some oil. But she was shocked to hear the voice, “Shall i come out, leader?”

She managed herself and said in different voice, “No… not now”. The she thought deeply and understood that they should be the thieves that Alibaba referred. She quickly worked out a plan.

She boiled the oil in the two barrels and poured hot oil in other barrels. Thus all the thieves died except the leader. Then the feast started and Margiana was dancing to make the feast high. During dancing, she took a knife and killed the leader of the thieves. Alibaba was shocked to see Margiana killing the oil merchant.

Margiana Pour Oil on Theives

Margiana explained everything and everyone was happy about her intelligence. Alibaba went to the cave and brought all the gold and diamonds. He lived happily for long time as a rich man of the country.