A Wolf and a Clever Lamb

A little lamb was playing nearer to a riverbank. Suddenly a wolf appears in front of him.

Lamb: Good morning, Sir.

Wolf: Good morning, My Child. What’s your name?

Lamb: My name is Little Lamb, Sir.

Wolf: Where’s your mother?

Lamb: She is in the jungle, Sir.

A Wolf and a Clever Lamb Kids Story

Wolf: Did you say, “Good morning,” to me yesterday?

Lamb: I didn’t meet you yesterday, Sir.

Wolf: Did You Say, “Good morning,” to me today?

Lamb: Yes, Sir, I did.

Wolf: No you didn’t. You’re telling a lie. I’ll take you to my cave and eat you tonight.

Lamb: I will come to your cave, Sir. You’re a musician. Am I right, Sir?

Wolf: Yes you’re right. I’m a musician. Yesterday our king and queen were in my cave. I sang a song and my wife and children danced. And our King and queen danced too.

Lamb: Oh!!! Sir Wolf, please sing, and I’ll dance. Then we’ll go to your cave.

The wolf howled and howled and the lamb danced in front of him. The village dogs heard the noise and ran to the riverbank. They killed the wolf, and the lamb ran to his mother.

Moral: Be brave and smart when facing problems or enemies.