A Old Lady, Vada, Crow and Fox

An old lady lived alone. She used to make a delicious food called “vada” everyday and sold it outside her house. One day a clever crow saw the plate full of vada. The old lady went inside her house to drink some water.

The Crow and Old Women

The crow quickly picked up a vada from the plate and flew away fast. It went a long distance and reached a forest. The crow thought, “Old lady cannot follow me this far. I am very hungry. It smells too good. Let me eat” It sat down in a tree.

A fox came that side smelled vada. “Wow! What is this yummy smell? I wanna eat.” It looked around and found no one nearer at sight. It wondered and then looked up to see the crow having the vada.

Fox made a trick to eat that vada and said ‘Hi Beautiful crow! You look awesome. Can you sing for me?”

Crow was very happy to hear it is beautiful.  It opened the mouth and started singing “Ka Ka Kaaa. Ka Ka Kaaa……” for the fox. The vada fell down from crow’s mouth and the fox take and run away.

Never stole other’s property and some others will cheat you.