A Man and His Dog

Mr. Maggs had a dog named Monty, who loved to go for long walks. Monty had long legs and walked so fast that Mr. Maggs had to run to keep pace with his dog.

He had to tightly hold on to his scarf and hat, so that they would not fall off while he run.

A Man and His Dog

One evening, Mr. Maggs went to the market leaving Monty at home. When he returned, Monty saw that his master had a huge parcel in his hand, “What could this be?” thought Monty curiously.

Next morning, Monty leapt out and ran fast as usual, but Mr. Maggs was surprisingly right behind his dog, whizzing along!

So, Monty stopped and looked around. And guess what he saw?

Mr. Maggs was wearing roller skates! “So that’s what was in the mysterious parcel?” thought Monty and happily run again.