A King and a Falcon – Arabian Nights Story for Kids

Once upon a time, there lived a king by name Kublakhan. He ruled over the country Turkishtan. He was the greatest of all the kings of his time. So, Turkishtan was a very prosperous country and the people were wealthy and happily led their lives under his reign. Moreover, the people were very affectionate with the king.

He reigned the country efficiently and strove strenuously day and night to make the country prosperous and the people to live wealthy and happily. Whatsoever the problem emerged in any part of the country, Kublakhan would thrust his nose into it and solve it. He was not only an eminent administrator but a brave warrior tool. So, there were no opponent or enemy countries of Turkishtan.

Kublakhan was an eminent hunter and extraordinarily skillful archer. His aim at a bird or an animal, with his bow and arrow, was never missed. Kublakhan nurtured some falcons, each in a separate cage. They were well trained to hunt and he took them now and then to forest for hunting along with him. Among them, one falcon was very fond of and faithful to the king. Whenever the king went for hunting, that particular falcon would accompany him.

Once morning, Kublakhan decided to go to forest for hunting. Immediately he summoned his guards and ordered then to make necessary arrangements to go for hunting. Then he ordered the bird watcher to send his pet falcon to accompany him in hunting. As soon as the king ordered, the guards put the bridle to the horses and were ready to sit on their horses. The king’s bow, arrows and sword were also loaded with them for hunting.

After everything was made ready to go for hunting, Kublakhan arrived there and sat on his horse. Then he ordered his bird watcher to bring his pet falcon. Immediately, the bird watcher opened a large golden cage. The pet falcon flew from the cage and sat on king’s shoulder. They all started their journey for hunting and arrived the gate of the city. The citizens had already assembled there and greeted the king and his associates.

When they arrived the forest, they stopped talking because they knew that the animals would run away if they heard human voice. After a while, they saw a stag drinking water in a brooklet. The stag was very beautiful with branched horns. So, Kublakhan last his heart to the stag and decided to hunt. Then he took his bow and aimed at the stag with an arrow. But the stag sensed something and suddenly jumped over the place and started to run fast. As soon as the stag began to run, the king and his associates started to chase it.


Kublakhan was an expert in horsemanship and so he closely chased the stag. But others could not ride the horses fast and they were far behind the king. The forest was very dense and the king could not aim at the stag with his arrow. But in the ardor to hunt the deer, he was chasing to the deep. Only after very long time of chasing, he realized that he had come alone with his horse and pet falcon. It was becoming dark too. As the others were very far behind, he could not find them.

At that time he felt pinch of thirst and fatigue too. He knew that it was the time for lions and tigers to come out from their shelter to wander in the forest. As it was dark he could not find the stag. He rambled here and there with thirst in the dark forest. Thus he reached a place where varieties of trees were densely grown. He could not find the path and so he drew out his sword and cut down the plants and pushes. He walked further and lastly found a pond.

As he was thirsty, he wanted to drink the water in the pond. He took the water in the bowl which he had with him. When he was about to drink the water, the falcon forcibly flung the bowl with its wings and emptied the water. As the falcon was pet to him, he did not get angry upon. so, he again took the bowlful of water and tried to drink it. The falcon screamed terribly and again flung the bowl. Now, Kublakhan was furious with the falcon.

As he was with pinch of thirst, the flinging of the falcon made him to think that the falcon was an ingratitude creature. So, he drew out his sword to kill the falcon. At that time, the falcon screamingly looked up and the king realized something strange. So, he looked up and at once he was shocked. There was a tree on the bank of the pond, branched on all the directions. There were numerous poisonous snakes lying on the branches of the tree. Poison was dropping from their mouths to the water of the pond.

The king realized that if he had drunken the water, he would have died by this time. So, the falcon had flung down the bowl. Kublakhan wondered on the faithfulness of the falcon and affectionately embraced it. In a short while, his guards too came there and all of them reached Turkishtan safely.