A Foolish Man with a Boy and a Donkey

One day a man was going to market with his son and donkey. They met a couple on the way.

Man and Boy Taking Donkey

“Why walk when you have a donkey to ride?” called out the husband, “seat the boy on the donkey.”

“I would like that,” said the boy, “help me up father.” And the father did that willingly.

A Foolish Man with a Boy and a Donkey

Soon they met another couple. “How shameful of you!” cried the woman, “let your father ride, won’t he be tired?”

So, the boy got down and the father rode the donkey. Again they marched on.

“Poor boy”, said the next person they met, “Why should the lazy father ride while his son is walking?”

So, the boy got onto the donkey too. As they went on, they met some travelers.

“How cruel of them!” They are up to kill the poor donkey.” Cried one of the traveler.

Hearing this, the father and the son got down. Now they decided to carry the donkey on their shoulders.

Man and Boy Lifting Donkey

As they did so, the travelers broke into laughter.The laughter frightened the donkey. It broke free and galloped away.

Moral: Don’t always worry what others will tell about you, think and do what is best for your situation.