A Foolish Barber Story

Once there was a businessman called Manipathra. He could not earn money and live in poverty. One night, a sage appeared in his dream and told, “During your previous birth, you gave me a bag of gold coins and advised me to distribute them to the poor people. I did not distribute the coins. I myself guarded the entire wealth. Due to this, my body has become golden. Tomorrow I will come to your house. You kill me and my golden body will give you much wealth. You will be relieved from your poverty”.

The next day, a barber came to Manipathra’s house. The sage also came to his house as told in the dream. The barber stood aside since the sage has come. Manipathra did not see the barber who came there for doing his duty. Manipathra, as advised in the dream, killed the sage by breaking his head. He took the gold and became a rich man. The barber saw the golden body of the sage and thought sages would become gold if they were killed.

A Foolish Barber 1

The barber also wanted to become a rich man. He went to the nearby mountain and invited all sages to this house. They came one by one. The barber killed them all and could not get any gold. On hearing the shoutings of the sages who were being killed by the barber, some soldiers of the country came there and enquired about the situation.

A Foolish Barber 2

They understood the whole episode from the barber and took him to the king. The king enquired the barber and learnt that the barber was doing things without sense. The king sentenced the barber to death for his foolish act.

A Foolish Barber 3

Moral: Do not copy things without knowing the inner intention of the deeds.