A Boy, Crab and the Snake

A young boy was living in a city with his old mother. One day he was planning to travel to another village for buying goods and his mother told him not to travel alone but take someone with him. The boy said that the way to the village was safe and he told her not to be afraid.

Knowing that he was determined to go, the mother went to the well in the backyard and took out a crab. She asked his son to keep the crab with him all time during his travel. The boy then put the crab in a camphor box and put that box in a vessel and set out on his journey. Being summer, the day was very hot. The boy was tired and took rest under a big tree.

Attracted by the fragrance of camphor a snake emerged from the hollow of the tree and swallowed the box containing the crab. The crab came out of the box and sliced the head of the snake and killed him. When the boy woke up, he found the dead snake and the camphor box. When he saw the crab coming out of the box alive, he at once realized what had happened.

He then remembered the words of his mother and thought he did well by following her advice that saved him from death.

Moral: Listen and follow elder’s advice.

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