999 Great Business Ideas

  1. Give tuition to those who want to enlarge their vocabulary. Your advertising material might include a word test similar to Reader’s Digest’s ‘Test Your Word power’ and an offer to improve the score.
  2. Put together a range of noticeboards for displaying things like: Staff notices, fire instructions, health and safety rules, productivity figures, etc. Call on businesses to sell the noticeboards and include a free installation service in your offer.
  3. If you are an expert on crafts, earn money from teaching it in quite corners or back rooms of shops which sell wools, crafts, artists materials or picture framing services.
  4. Take mechanical things like locks or gears. Cut them in half or remove the outer casing. Mount what you have left to make unusual ornaments. You might, for example, buy used and obsolete locks and gears from engineering companies.
  5. Sell by direct mail to business executives a kit for practicing golf putting at the office. One idea for a selling point is that ordinary workers have a dartboard or snooker table for use during breaks, the executive needs a golf putting kit to mirror his style.
  6. Use lace to make unusual jewellery, such as lace bracelets, lace earrings, brooches and necklaces. Let your imagination run wild to create the design of each item of jewellery. For example, embed lace in clear plastic.
  7. Produce a correspondence course which is designed to improve a person’s standard of general knowledge. In your advertising emphasize that a better life might result from taking the course.
  8. Learn and then teach origami. Also, if you have a flair for making artefacts in an interesting way, earn money from doing origami as entertainment.
  9. Select a range of lingerie and sell it by party plan. Once you develop a winning formula, build up your business by recruiting and training agents to sell your range of products.
  10. Start a fishing companion finding service. Take details of when an angler is available, their interests and level of skill. Offer members of your service various suitable partners. Place ads in angling publications to attract custom.
  11. Put together a one-man theatrical show which is pleasant to watch. For example, recite highlights from Shakespeare or the work of a well-known poet. Perform your show at pubs, offices during the lunch hour, parties and private households.
  12. Write and publish a newsletter which deals with most aspects of self-improvement. The newsletter might consist of ideas for getting ahead and mini courses about self-improvement. Sell subscriptions internationally.
  13. Start a thimble of the month club for new and established thimble collectors. Members of the club receive the club’s choice of thimble of the month.
  14. Become a professional organizer of private and business parties. You provide clients with a comprehensive service which does everything from supplying caterers to organizing a coat checking service. Advertise your service in a wide variety of publications.
  15. Produce a series of audio cassettes or booklets about the folklore of your region. Have them stocked at local shops.
  16. Start a business which organizes snooker holidays and weekend breaks. During each holiday or break provide guests with tuition from a professional snooker player.
  17. Organize board game playing holidays and weekend breaks. Guests might play: the latest fashionable board games, etc.
  18. Open a market stall which specializes in selling tights and stockings.
  19. Start a mail order business which specializes in selling information and plans about cave systems in this country and abroad. Produce a catalogue about what you have for sale and advertise in potholing and outdoor adventure publications.
  20. Buy and sell second hand household goods from local newspaper adverts.
  21. Produce an audio cassette or booklet which is about past major crimes in your area. Do research at local libraries and newspaper archives. Have your products stocked at local shops? You might give your cassette or booklet a title like ‘Your Town’s Top 30 Crimes’.
  22. Use sliced logs to make letter racks. Slice a log and cut into two semi-circles. Take a semi-circle and stand it on its straight side so you have the silhouette of a mound. Cut slots in the rim of the semi-circle, these slots hold the letters.
  23. Write and publish a letter about moonlighting. Give subscribers ideas about moonlighting ventures. Also include articles about subjects such as how to cope with a full-time job, how to manage your income and how to turn a part-time venture into a full-time business.
  24. Organize holidays and weekend breaks for those who want to play at being soldiers in world war II. The games guests play might involve… pursuit, reaching physical objectives, defending positions, obtaining information, etc.
  25. Begin a mail order business which sells boxing memorabilia. Start this business by finding a trade source of boxing films and videos. Or obtain the rights to reproduce boxing films and videos.
  26. Bring out on audio cassettes a library of rude and saucy songs for different team sports. The sports you cove might include: rugby, cricket, football, basketball and athletics. Arrange for them to be stocked at sports shops.
  27. Make wooden badges in the shape of teddy bears, pigs, elephants, etc. Use a fret saw to cut the shapes and add a few strokes of paint to bring the shapes to life. Mount these badges on a board covered with a fabric. Ask shopkeepers to display one of the badge covered boards.
  28. Start a mail order business which sells comedy audio cassettes. Obtain your stock from comedy audio cassette publishers in this country and from English speaking countries overseas.
  29. Begin a business which organizes woodcraft holidays and weekend breaks for those who want to improve and develop woodworking skills. Advertise in woodworking and crafts magazines.
  30. Make Punch and Judy soft toys or dolls. Sell these toys and dolls through seaside shops. Or get Punch and Judy performers to sell them to patrons.
  31. Start a mail order company which sells a wide range of lace. Produce a catalogue which features an illustration of each design. Advertise in women’s and crafts magazines.
  32. Arrange for business and personal cards to be printed which show that the holder is a dedicated supporter of a particular football team. Sell to football fans outside matches or get them stocked at suitable shops.
  33. Use a horse and carriage to take tourists on sightseeing tours.
  34. Make glass display cases designed to a clients requirements. The display cases might be used for models, stuffed animals or antiques. Advertise in modelling magazines and build up a list of regular clients.
  35. Earn from selling flowers door-to-door. Buy stock from a flower wholesaler or market. Build up a regular base of clients who you can expect to buy a bunch every week from you.
  36. Start a weekly car cleaning and polishing service. Build up a list of clients by calling on households in your area to promote the service. Employ teenagers, students and fit retired people to do the cleaning and polishing.
  37. Set up an enterprise which organizes the publishing of vanity poetry books. Poets pay you to have their work published in a professional manner. Each book might contain the work of one or more poets.
  38. Devise ‘crack the code’ quizzes and sell to newspapers and magazines. One example of this type of quiz is a statement where the letters of each word are replaced by different letters of the alphabet.
  39. Advertise for job lots in local and national publications. See what offers turn up and buy anything you think you can resell for a profit.
  40. Start a service which buries personalized time capsules which contain items of a person’s choice. Advertise your service in up-market publications. Or start a mail order service which sells time capsules to people who want to bury things on their property.
  41. Organize career selection weekends for teenagers. During these weekends teenagers take aptitude tests, receive counselling and listen to talks about various careers.
  42. Begin a business which produces a series of teach yourself karate videos. Or bring out videos for other martial arts subjects. Sell or hire out these videos by post.
  43. Become an astrologer who specializes in producing charts and readings for babies, children and teenagers. You might, for example, use astrology to provide career advice for teenagers. Do charts and readings by post and also do personal consultations with parents.
  44. Make cardboard cut-outs of animals for children. Each cut-out would be six to nine inches high and consist of a photograph or drawing of , for example: an elephant, monkey, tiger or dinosaur. These cut-outs might line a shelf. Package them and sell through shops.
  45. Deal in the antiques and memorabilia of an ethnic group. Put together a catalogue which features: history books, videos, antiques, prints and ephemera. Examples of suitable ethnic groups include: Polish, Italian, West Indian, Scottish, Irish, Native North American, Indian, etc., etc., etc.
  46. Set up a service which reproduces family business and college crests on plaques. These might be carved, painted or printed on each plaque. Also offer a design service. Advertise in up-market publications.
  47. Have a market stall which sells inexpensive toys. Demonstrate toys to attract attention.
  48. Create a range of desktop sea-shell products. For example: 1) Place weights inside suitable sea-shells to make paperweights. 2) use odd shaped sea-shells as ‘fidget shells’ to occupy restless fingers 3) sell sea- shells which have the sound of the sea as ‘stress relief shells’.
  49. Sell pegs, dishcloths and dusters door-to-door. All you need to do is to buy these goods from a wholesaler, place them in a shopping basket and you are in business.
  50. Design and make fashion clothes which are tailor-made to an individual’s tastes. Advertise your service in trendy publications and place posters in night-clubs.

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