7 Facts About Our Earth

We live on the top surface of our Earth. However, the inner part of earth has different layers. Here are seven facts about earth you may not know. 

Is Earth Round?

Earth is not round; it will look like a gigantic ball when you look at from the special view. The top and bottom portions of the earth are slightly flatter while the center part is bulged out.

Diameter of Earth

The centerline of the earth is called equator. The earth’s equator length or diameter is 40,075 kilometers. Scientist measures, it may take a year for a normal human being to walk day and night to cover the diameter of the earth.Layers of Earth

The earth has four different layers.

  • The inner core is made of solid metal.
  • The outer core is hot liquid metal.
  • The rocky mantle layer.
  • Finally, the crust is the rocky surface you are walking on.

Temperature of Earth

You may feel very hot in the summer with the temperature around 35 to 50 degree Celsius. However, the temperature of the inner core of earth is 5000 degree Celsius. It’s so hot inside the earth that some rocks melt and create a liquid moving layers.

Water and Land

Almost 70% of earth is covered by water. This makes the earth to look blue when viewed from the space. The crust of earth is well below the ocean’s surface ranging from under few feet to few thousand meters.

Age of Earth

No one knows the exact age of the earth. Scientists measure earth and moon was formed around 4,600 million years ago. Humans are very new on earth. In 4,600 million year of the history, humans are living less than a day on earth.  

Continents are Drifting

Seven Continents of Earth

200 million years back, earth had a single land area called Pangaea. Later it started breaking up to smaller continents. Even today the continents are drifting apart. Scientist says North America and Europe are moving away 4CM every year.